“When you put effort into yourself, others notice. Put your best self forward and others will meet you with their best selves.” —Maria Suriel

“Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.” -Margaret Thatcher

“When you look in the mirror, your ‘appearance,’ that outer you, is what everyone see first.” -Teri Hatcher

“The biggest fool in the world is he who merely does his work supremely well, without attending to appearance.” -Michael Korda

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” —Edith Head

“Your appearance is a way for you to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

“Attitude is everything.” —Diane von Furstenberg

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” —Giorgio Armani


What is a corporate image consultant and what do they do?

An image consultant is an individual who evaluates the current image a person is projecting and helps them accurately communicate the image they want to project.

Whether it’s to land a promotion, to start a career change, or simply to become a more effective leader through a confidence boast, I work one-on-one with clients to perfect their total presentation for whatever their intended goal is.

How long will the process take?

My most popular service, the First Impression Evaluation, takes about an hour to 90 minutes. During this time we will talk about the challenges you feel you face and how you can overcome them. I will help you better understand your body and how to dress it to minimize flaws and maximize assets. After that, it’s time to update your appearance! We conduct our shopping trips in two to three hour increments, as shopping for a longer period of time can be exhausting and turn out to be inefficient.

Do you work with only men, women or both?

I work with both men and women.

Do you work with everyone who contacts you for your services?

No, I do not! This is why I offer an introductory consultation before even stepping foot into someone’s office. I make sure I am professionally compatible with my potential client and that all parties involved will enjoy the entire process.

What is the difference between consulting you for your professional opinion and shopping with a personal shopper that is staffed at a department store?

I have an education and training in image consulting therefore I am able to offer a professional, objective opinion based on research and facts.

Another difference between hiring me and working with a staffed salesperson is that we don’t make commissions from the things you buy, therefore guaranteeing that our suggestions to you are sincere.

My job isn’t to sell to you, it’s dress you to communicate the image you want to project while taking your lifestyle and career goals into consideration. I won’t try to fit you into a limited selection of clothing for the sake of a higher paycheck. I can also make the most of your money by utilizing multiple stores since we are not tied to just one.

Do you make any commissions on the purchases I make at the stores you take me to?

No, I do not. Every store I take you to is a genuine suggestion and not one fueled by kickbacks or commissions.

How do you bill?

I bill by the package so we are not rushed. All purchases are made by you.

If you have anymore questions feel free to contact for an introductory consultation!